Monday, June 18, 2007

The Big Recital

Oh, the recital was unbelievable, once again! I was very emotional! I am so very proud of Sydney, Rianna, and Jaden!!! Sydney did ballet to "I Am Love" and tap to "Happy Feet"! She did such a wonderful job!!! Rianna and Jaden were in the class together and did "Candy Man" and I am sure you can guess who the Candy Man was?! He knew his moves!!!! Rianna did well, too, and in true Rianna form, decided (since another girl shoved her out of her spot) that she wasn't going to finish the performance! She turned around, crossed her arms, and hung her head. As soon as I saw that, I flew (picture me on a broomstick) down 5 flights of stairs to the basement to intercept one curly blonde, who I was pretty sure was going to be in pieces, only to find out that the director had kept Jaden and Rianna behind the curtain so Jaden could take Rianna out for a bow. Now isn't that sweet?! I cannot wait to get the DVD of the whole recital. The moms miss most of the performances (getting kids ready, supervising, etc). I am told that Jaden left the stage, not skipping and waving like they all were supposed to, but hanging his head along side of disgruntled sister. Regardless, I am still so proud!!! I look so forward to the next dance season. We will have a 4th dancer this next season!!!!

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