Monday, July 7, 2008

Just by accident......

I think everyone knows by now, I am a very poor photographer LOL! I am not afraid to admit that! I was trying to get some half-way decent shots of a Christmas hoodie dress for an upcoming launch. I took Sydney down to the Riverfront park in hopes for something usable as far as pics go. Mind you, it was a 99 degree (heat index) evening and I am having her wear long sleeves and boots! I just started snapping.....64 pictures later I was back at home, downloading photos from the camera to the computer and I came across this one

Of course, this does not showcase the dress by any means, but both Bruce and I were so amazed at how beautiful this one was of Miss Sydney. She is at that awkward stage of not wanting to get her picture taken, at least not like she used to, and I find it difficult to get a natural pose out of her. I am going to have lots of prints made of this one!

Here it is in full size

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wyattjillian said...

She's beautiful! And I am still in awe on the post you did of her picking up sewing. I'm also a little bit jealous, envious, and wondering if she can teach a beginners class to me? :)