Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We're going to Disney World!!!!!


Funny story.....Last week we got a flyer in the mail; certain dates in the value resorts in Disney were going to be $59 per night. I have never seen the prices so low, so I started dreaming about a vacation there, even though I know we cannot even think about going until our old house sells. It's been 3 years since we last went and I am so anxious to go again. I did check into flights, but let me tell you, the flight alone would cost more than our whole Disney vacation!

Anyway, when Bruce got home from work on Friday, I handed him the flyer. He looked at it and held it strangely in his hand (like he was going to tear it down the middle). He said "You know what I'm doing?" I replied "going to tear it up?". He then proceeded to tell me that, for some time now, he has been stashing away a little bit of money from each paycheck into an account~exclusively for Disney! He said he had enough saved for the vacation minus the flight!!!!! I was instantly in tears!!! He said he wanted to wait until my birthday to tell me, but the moment was too hard to pass! So needless to say, we booked the vacation the next day and we leave Friday, October 24th!!! We are driving down (we have driven to Disney twice before), staying 5 nights at a value resort, have 4 day park hopper tickets AND we are doing the Not-So-Scary Trick or Treating on the 30th!!!!!! I don't know who is more excited: the kids or us!!!! So the next few weeks will be busy, busy, busy!!!!!!

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You asked if you could link to my "infomercial" on my blog. Yes, you may link away! Have fun at Disney!