Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Resolutions......To make them or not to make them

I don't always make New Year's Resolutions, but this year I did make some. Not necessarily specific ones (such as losing X pounds or stop drinking diet soda), but ones that might make life a little bit more fun and enjoyable, kwim?

So here goes:

* take better care of myself so I can be a better wife, mother, and person (eat even healthier, exercise more, etc)

* Say "NO" to things asked of me that I have no desire to participate in or that I don't have time for (Amy and I WILL NOT direct the Christmas Program at Church anymore)

* Re-evaluate the business: I always told myself that I would quit when it got to the point that it wasn't fun anymore and it isn't! I haven't been able to sew Christmas dresses for my girls in over 2 years (I have yards of Red Dupioni Silk sitting here, waiting to be made into holiday dresses). I am not making any profits on my sales and I have lost the "fun" that I had when I first started up. My true love is sewing children's clothing, especially for my own. That had been so hindered that I am more frustrated than anything at this point.

* I probably will not take any more custom orders, unless it is an ebay/etsy listing. Those will be offered in custom sizes and on a limited basis.

* I want to spend even more fun time with the kids. The business and others take so much time away from my quality family time and I am going to try to be a bit more selfish when it comes to compromising my family time. I also only have a few (8) months left before my baby girl goes off to school and I don't want to waste a minute of those 8 months doing anything but family and mommy/me time cuz I will never get those back! There will always be time for business and helping others. I am just too busy as it is! I don't need to save the world and I don't need to put out everyone's fires!

* Finish organizing my sewing room; it's been a disaster for the whole entire time we have lived in this house!

* Go through more boxes in the garage. We need to de-clutter out there too!

* Check into nursing jobs in the area. When Randi starts Kindergarten in the Fall, I might want to get something part time and feel like the educated woman I really am.

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