Sunday, February 22, 2009

Our Disney weekend without the kids!

Since Bruce had a CME course in Disney World, I got to tag along! We left on Thursday morning and came home Monday night. It was just a 3 day course for him, so it really was a mini trip. Unfortunately, we got horrible colds the day before we left. But we made the most of it!
It was very different seeing THE WORLD without our pint-sized ones in tow. The evening we arrived, we went down on the Boardwalk, where we stayed, and ate at the microbrewery~~~Fantastic food!!! It was fun sampling all of their different beers and deciding on a favorite. After that, we hit the dualing piano bar called Jellyrolls. What a fun spot, and we would have never been able to check it out if not for this trip! I had a Jellyroll (a 32 oz Kool Aid tasting drink).
Bruce's classes ended by 1pm everyday so we got the reduced park tickets. Day one we went to Epcot, where 2 of my favorite rides are: Soarin' and Test Track, and actually experienced each of the countries somewhat. We've never done that the 3 times before. We enjoyed snacks in Mexico and supper in Morocco just before catching the evening fireworks show. Day two, Valentine's Day, was spent in Hollywood Studios. After getting a quick reservation for lunch at the 50's Prime Time Cafe (OMG, what an experience all on it's own! The wait staff made sure you were on your best behavior and using manners and if you weren't you'd definitely hear about it! When Bruce asked for more water, the waiter just picked up my water glass and filled his!). Then we thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the evening in the park, including a couple of "drops" on The Tower of Terror. After closing, we hit the microbrewery again, for another delicious supper. Sunday was Magic Kingdom~my favorite park! The rides I've never done during our last 3 trips, were on my to do list! Space Mountain and Splash Mountain for sure! And, if the day couldn't have gotten any better, we saw the lovely fireworks show as we were climbing up the steep incline of the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Coaster. So amazing!
Monday was spent packing and last-minute shopping at Downtown Disney. We traded our first pins and now Bruce is totally hooked! Once getting checked in at the Orlando airport, we had ample time to shop and have an early dinner. We now have a new favorite restaurant~~The Macaroni Grill~~~to die for!!! It's bitter/sweet that we are not close to one!!!

All in all, it was a fun vacation, but definitely not as "magical" as when we go as a family. There was definitely something missing without the kids!

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