Monday, July 16, 2007

Bardigans, Patricks, & Chunge-obs

That is what my baby girl said when asked what she would like for her birthday coming up!!! To translate~Backyardigans, Patrick (from Sponge Bob Square Pants), and Sponge Bob. Well, she will be getting her Backyardigans birthday party, her first "friend" party!! I think she will be getting a Leapster (just like her brother and sisters) from us, or maybe a scooter so she can ride with the "big dogs" seeing as she already thinks she is "one of them". LOL!!! This morning she asked if she could have an ife with her fruit. I just love this age, so innocent while trying to be so grown up!


Cheryl said...

An "ife"! Love it! Rachie says the same things! She says, "Whobody going to fix my breakfast?" WHOBODY. That's going in the baby book! :) Hope you are all having a great day and you have a fun weekend.
hugs and love, cheryl

Allison said...

OMGosh, Cheryl, that is sooo cute!! Whobody!!!! I will think of that one periodically!!! You know, we went out for supper tonight and she was the best behaved one of the bunch!! Sometimes I swear we are raising monkeys!!!