Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A sweet friend of mine said to me the other day, "I don't know what I'd do if I had 3-5 days without the kids". My response was that I only pray for some wonderful relative to out-of-the-blue show up, living in a house about 4 miles down the road, volunteer to take our kids for even just a weekend! Actually, just taking them overnight one time would be a dream come true! I am constantly trying to remind others, who have the luxury of family within an hour or so, how lucky they are. All of you who have a mom to pick up the kids from school/daycare, a sister to watch the kids while you make a Walmart run, grandparents who beg to let the little ones spend the night, an aunt who offers to take the kids so you and hubby can have a night out (without spending a King's ransom on a sitter)~~~You have no idea how fortunate you all are!!!! We do not have any of those options. Anyway, my point being, take advantage of the opportunity to have some alone time, some "date nights" with hubby, etc. Those moments are so precious and valuable, don't waste it!

What I want to know is: What would you do if you had 3-5 days without kids (knowing they were safe and happy with grandma or some other trusting relative or friend)? Here's what I would do (and in no particular order, just typing as they come to mind):

~take a nap
~go shopping
~get my hair done
~spring clean the kitchen, closets, etc
~take a craft class like one at JoAnns or something
~read a book (not a children's storybook either;))
~have a romantic date with hubby
~get out that "to-do" list and start working
~get a massage
~go grocery shopping, no kids, no rushing
~surf the net
~blog hop
~plant a tree
~have lunch with a friend
~call someone without any interruptions
~watch a movie and actually hear everything
~spend quality time with hubby, doesn't matter what you do
~use the restroom without interruptions or kids crying or pounding on the door
~go for a walk
~make wonderful, delicious, healthy meals for the weeks ahead and freeze them
~start a new project at home (re-decorate a room, paint a room, etc)

Anyway, those are just a few ideas of what I would do, what would you do???


M said...

We just had the luxury of having my Mom and Dad take the kids for 2 nights!!! I didn't do nearly what I wanted (clean out the garage), we both ended up being quite lazy :)
We went to the lake - just the two of us, we had dinner (with Margarita's even) - just the two of us, and we each did a little of our own thing, I shopped for fabric, he did some photography, etc. I'll tell you what I didn't do: Run Errands, watch the clock, or wish that it was almost bedtime!!!! Christy

Allison said...

Yeah!!! Good for you Christy!!! What a nice couple of days/nights, HUH?!

Jamie said...

I just passed my kids off to my parents this weekend. To have much needed alone time. Sorry you don't have that. I would love to have a babysitter to pay. I feel I am to dependent on family to watch my kids. So I don't get out for dates much. We feel guilty when we ask family.

Allison said...

Oh, Jamie, don't get me wrong, I wouldn't take advantage very often, just enough to keep a little adult sanity;)

We are totally dedicated to our kids, but crave the occasional evening of just the 2 of us. Don't feel guilty, especially if they volunteer!

Cheryl said...

Oh wow...I"ll have to think on this one! I would do quite a few of those you just mentioned. Shopping for antiques with my husband would be one. Just crafting my heart out without "that" feeling that I "ought to go to bed" since who knows when I'll have to get up! A leisurely breakfast in front of the t.v. Oh my gosh...this might not be a healthy thought-process for me, Allison! I'm liking this idea just a LITTLE TOO MUCH... ;)