Thursday, January 24, 2008

Random updates

Boy, it sure was hard to send the kids out to get on the bus with a temp of 6 below 0 this morning!
Also, I will be posting some new pics soon....Sydney has something to share!!!
I think we might be on the mend, for now. Thank goodness!
I will be getting my sewing machine back from the shop on Tuesday!!!! Very excited for that!
The van rolled 100,000 miles last week, can you believe that?! I am so ready for the Jon & Kate plus 8 van, LOL! It's a Dodge Sprinter. Sydney took along a friend to the movie on Monday (no school due to MLK jr. day) and we had to take 2 vehicles! We have so outgrown our minivan. I cannot wait until the old house sells so we can start thinking of getting something more suitable. Keep your fingers crossed for us. That place has been on the market for a 1 1/2 years. Two mortgages are very tough on the budget!

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