Sunday, January 13, 2008


Oh what a sickly family I have right now! A few of us had just finished
antibiotics for strep right before leaving on our Christmas trip. When
we came back on the 26th of December, Rianna and I had strep. Then on
New Year's Eve, Sydney came down with this strange 5 day vomiting
thing. And, of course, we cannot all get it at once, or even slightly staggered; everyone is taking their turn week by week. I am just plain
exhausted! I am so sorry I haven't been around to update things here
much. I have found myself buried in laundry, dishes, and medicine cups. At this point, I truly believe we should purchase stock in Clorox and Lysol!

I did find a moment to list my best selling earrings on ebay
this morning though. You can find them here.

And to add to my stress, both my regular sewing machine and my
back-up have decided to crash on me! Most of you know, those machines
are my big stress reliever! EEEEKKK!

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